Recipe Index

Starters/ lunch

Seared scallops with braised puy lentils
Chicken empanadas
Chorizo and egg salad
Artichoke dip with peppers


Guinea fowl stuffed with mozzarella, fennel and sun-blush tomatoes
Chicken rice
Braised pork belly
Spanish seafood soup
Pan-fried salmon with fennel and black olive salsa
Mexican avocado and bean salad
Simple egg fried rice
Salmon teriyaki

Baking / Sweets

Cashew nut cookies
Pineapple tarts
Passionfruit and milk chocolate macarons
Chocolate caramel cookies with sea salt
Lemon and white chocolate macarons
Portuguese egg tarts
Churros y chocolate
Iced gems
Brandy snaps
Jam drops
Hazelnut praline cake
Lemon drizzle cake

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