Candy Coloured Birthday Macarons

What more needs to be said than candy coloured birthday macarons?

I haven’t actually made macarons for a while, which might be why my first batch were the biggest disaster I have ever seen. They were completely collapsed, the foot had oozed out into a foamy mess not unlike that of a dying slug. It wasn’t pretty. And the worst part is that I have no idea what happened.

The batter felt weirdly “tough” as I mixed it and I kind of knew at that point something was wrong, but I didn’t realised the extent of the disaster until they were in the oven. It was the stuff of macaron nightmares.

The only thing I can think was that the egg whites were too stiff…. but looking back I don’t remember it being so stiff as to cause a disastrous batch. Although I probably should, I will not be trying to replicate that batch to figure out what went wrong.

I could just sigh and resignedly weigh out my ingredients again. And luckily the rest came out much better. Not perfect….but better.

Flavours: The pink are raspberry, the green are elderflower and the orange are orange (obviously!).

The macarons were to match a 21st birthday cake with a pink riding hat, a Ted baker bag and a bottle of nail polish. Some of the macs were also personalised to spell out the birthday girl’s name.

My dad helped me out with painting the letters onto the macs as I am quite artistically challenged, and of course the beautiful cake is my mum’s handiwork. I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what Rose Apple Bakery has been up to for the past couple of days!

Macaron Classes in London!

Finally! Planning and preparations have been sufficiently completed for me to announce that myself and Chef Fabricio will be teaching our own masterclass on Saturday 13th October. We will be using the beautiful Vanilla Workshop kitchen in Greenwich (for a map click here) and hopefully it will be a fantastic opportunity to share some of our macaron secrets and to meet some new people as well.  For more information or to book please click here.
If you can’t make it all the way to Greenwich but would still like a macaron class I am also thinking about holding classes for 1 or 2 people in my home kitchen. So if you live locally (High Wycombe), and would like a class (£60 per person), then just get in touch!

The other day I made some macarons and I thought I’d get a bit creative with the shells. I’ve seen this kind of decoration several times on different blogs and websites and  wanted to have a go myself. The filling here is a simple lemon curd and I used diluted gel colouring and a wide stippling brush to get the effect on the top.

Cupcakes by Rose Apple Bakery

Clockwise from top left: Chocolate flake, Raspberry and White Chocolate, Triple Malteaser, Blueberry and Raspberry with Cream Cheese Icing

Just a very short post today which is a shameless plug for Rose Apple Bakery’s cupcakes. I have been baking and photographing the standard range for the website and these are some of my favourites.

You can visit our website to see the whole range.

Rose Apple Bakery has a new website!

It’s been quite a delay, but for the most part our shiny new website is up and running. It’s simple and (hopefully) easy to use, just please ignore my very obvious lack of web design skills and inability to understand all but the most simple html coding.

There’s information on all of our products including the vintage tea parties and my macarons, as well as our cupcakes and celebration cakes.

If you have Facebook and would like to support us, please “like” us on our revamped Facebook Page, where we will be posting photos and updates from the kitchen. And also, anyone who likes our page will get 10% off any order made before 30th November 2012. So please do have a look, and share with your friends too!

Alongside the direct link to the Rose Apple website you will also notice the “Ask a Question” tab. This is linked up to my new Formspring account, so ask away if you so wish!

West Highland Terrier Dog Birthday Cake

Quite possibly the cutest cake Rose Apple has made. It’s always hard to make a classy looking dog themed cake, but I think this one isn’t bad. As always, would love to know if you like it!

If you like what you see then “like” Rose Apple Bakery on Facebook, the button is in the right hand column of this page :)

No, I haven’t given up blogging…yet…

I haven’t posted anything for over a week now and (at risk of sounding self-indulgent and assuming that you are interested enough to even care), I assure you I haven’t given up blogging. I’ve just been very busy with various little projects…

The Rose Apple Bakery website is ready for launch in a few days. I don’t think I’ve ever spent more time staring at my computer screen.

Lots of macarons. Yes, that’s a chocolate macaron with gold leaf.

An idea in the works to update my great grandmother’s recipes…

I will be back soon with some proper posts in about a week but if you can please visit the Rose Apple Bakery Facebook Page, like us and say hi! From now on there will be regular updates about new cake designs and we’d love to keep you informed. :) See you soon!

A Vintage Tea Party by Rose Apple Bakery

The Rose Apple kitchen was extra busy at the beginning of this week as we prepared a sumptuous tea party for 8, the first of what will hopefully be many more vintage inspired parties to order. 

The idea is that you can have a beautiful tea party in the comfort of your own home without any of the stress. Rose Apple provides the food, cutlery, crockery and props, delivers and sets up at your home and then collects everything afterwards. 

As this was our first one, things were a little stressful, and the bad weather didn’t help either. But in the end everything was baked, safely packed and laid out at our client’s house. Amongst other things we brought hand-embroidered table cloths, vintage tea cups and saucers, flowers and vases and of course a spread of sweet and savoury foods.

Chocolate cupcakes with hand painted, personalised sugar disks

savoury– smoked salmon & cream cheese bagels, feta & tomato tartlets, cheese & onion chutney scones, egg & cress mini brioches, cucumber sandwiches.

sweet– lime and raspberry macarons, strawberry & vanilla shortcakes, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate-covered strawberries, rose water mini meringues, lemon drizzle loaf cake.

From £18 per head. 

Macaron Testing II [Lime]: Dreaming of Sunnier Days


Well, we had one day of glorious sun and now it’s back to the wind and the rain. But not before I had a chance to make some pretty tea party macarons and take advantage of yesterday’s perfect afternoon light.

Last Friday I went to the Cake International 2012 exhibition at the Excel Centre in London. I bought bottles of orange, blackcurrant and lime flavouring and decided to try out the lime one for my next macaron test.

I simply added a few drops to plain buttercream and was left with a lovely citrusy, fragrant lime cream filling :)

These macarons went off to Rose Apple Bakery’s first tea party catering event, but of course not before I had enjoyed a couple of them with a cup of tea in the short-lived sunshine. 

Stay tuned for photos from the tea party!

Blueberry-ish Macarons :p

I am very conscious of this blog’s impending macaron overload, I will stop soon….promise. It’s just that I’m so excited that they will soon be having their first public outing (at a vintage tea party that my mum and I are catering).

I still have a lot of experimentation and testing to do (successes and failures will be duly documented), but once I have decided on flavours and costings, my macarons will be available to buy from the Almost Always Hungry blog and the soon-to-be-online Rose Apple Bakery website to order for parties and also as wedding favours.

These blueberry-ish macarons are one such experiment. The colour is a bit psychedelic for my taste and doesn’t really compliment the colour of the filling (which reminds me of olive tapenade) and I say “blueberry-ish” because they only tasted very slightly of blueberry.

I know blueberries have quite a subtle flavour, but if anyone has a recipe for a blueberry filling bursting with blueberry flavour I would love to try it out!

Rose Apple Bakery: An Underwater Birthday Cake

If you have read the “About” page for this blog you will have seen that my parents run their own bakery which provides bespoke celebration cakes and cupcakes. Their website is currently undergoing a huge renovation and in fact the whole business will be having a complete brand relaunch in 4-5 months’ time.

Until then I’ll be posting some updates from Rose Apples Bakery and showing you some of their creations. They recently did this Octonauts cake for a joint 2 and 5 year old’s birthday party, and it is just too cute not to share!