Happycall Pan!

So we lugged this interesting looking contraption all the way back from Singapore.  As you can probably infer from the title it’s called the Happycall pan and it comes from South Korea.

It is supposed to shorten the cooking time of food with it’s rubber seal which controls the pressure and reduces heat loss from the pan and it is also meant to eliminate oil splatter when frying.

My aunt actually passed this pan to us when we were in Singapore, thinking that my brother could have use of it whilst at uni. He decided not to take it in the end and so at home we have been experimenting with cooking all kinds of dishes in the Happycall Pan.

The great thing about it is that you can cook with both sides of the pan. So instead of having to fiddle around trying to turn your chicken, you simply close the pan and flip it over. With other dishes such as stir fries, there is no stirring involved, just close the pan and shake.

Despite being quite heavy, it is very easy to use and you would be surprised how many different dishes can be cooked in this pan. I have seen Youtube videos cooking a whole chicken, grilled fish, curries and even baking a cake!

The only downside we have discovered is that because the pan is closed there is no opportunity for excess liquid to evaporate meaning that a lot of the time you have to drain the pan before continuing to cook. It’s not too much hassle though and as you can see below we ended up with brown and crispy skinned chicken :)

Oh and I suppose another downside is washing up….. because essentially it is two pans awkwardly joined together…. but that’s what dads/ brothers/ boyfriends/ flatmates are for right? The cook doesn’t have to wash up!

Anyone else out there have a Happycall pan? I would love to hear what you think of it and what dishes you have made in it!

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