Penang: Green & Healthy at Karen Kitchen

Hawker food is often greasy and, delicious though they are, I don’t want to eat such rich food every day. Luckily for me, amidst the hawker stalls of Batu Lanchang is the small and unassuming Karen Kitchen which markets itself as an establishment of healthy, home-cooked food. They do not use pork or MSG in their dishes, flavouring instead comes from good old fashioned good quality natural seasonings and ingredients.

We ordered a selection of different Chinese/ Malay dishes, including fish curry, fried rice and cashew nut chicken. The dishes were nicely made, tasty but not too salty and most importantly, did not make me feel as though I’d just bathed in oil!

It was definitely a welcome change from all the satay and char kuay teow we’d been inhaling on a daily basis. It was wholesome, healthy food which satisfied the stomach in a way only home-cooked food can.

Disclaimer: we didn’t order any of the Western dishes on the menu, and having since seen photos from other reviewers I would probably steer clear of those! But don’t let that put you off going for some stir fried pak choi or salted egg broth.

Karen Kitchen
Lebuhraya Batu Lanchang
11600 Penang

Satay and Ice Kacang
Cake at China House
Eastern and Oriental Afternoon Tea

4 thoughts on “Penang: Green & Healthy at Karen Kitchen

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