Penang: Satay and Ice Kacang

A huge part of life in Penang is street food and we’re not talking about the overly clean, white-tiled hawker centres which are ever more prevalent in Singapore. These hawker centres are bustling, humid and a bit dirty. But we go to them because it’s tasty and authentic. Real Malaysian food.

Satay at one of the roadside food stalls in Pulau Tikus

During this short trip to Penang my dad had a mission to eat as much satay as possible. Back in the UK satay is so expensive…and never as tasty… so we ordered 40 sticks of chicken, lamb and beef satay and it’s served with a sweet peanut sauce, cucumber, onion and ketupat (steamed rice squashed into blocks). Delicious!

Top: Chendol, Bottom: Ice kacang

Then yesterday afternoon we went to savour some of the traditional Malaysian desserts we dream about when we’re back home.

The best ice kacang in Penang is said to be sold at New World Park so we headed there for some refreshment on a particularly humid day. I’m not usually a fan of Chinese desserts, but in the heat of the day it was impossible to turn down the shaved ice and chilled coconut milk of the chendol.

My mum found the ice kacang to be tasty, but we were a little perturbed as it doesn’t usually come with fresh fruits, and (wisely) steered clear of them because the fruits on the stall were pre-cut, uncovered and had numerous flies crawling over them.

Perhaps the search for the best ice kacang should continue…

Cakes at China House
Eastern and Oriental Afternoon Tea
Green and Healthy at Karen Kitchen

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