Some Thoughts on Plane Food

There are two sorts of people in this world. Those who like plane food. And those who don’t.  I belong to the latter group.

I do recognise that there are varying degrees of quality when it comes to plane food, but I also know that no matter what it is, whether it is an indescribable orange sludge or the latest gourmet airline meal created by a celebrity chef, it will make me feel ill.

The fact of the matter is that you have been sitting in the same position unnaturally close to the person next to you exchanging the same oxygen deprived stale air for goodness how many hours. Even though you aren’t hungry you have eaten a tiny bag of salted peanuts and drunk a plastic cup of orange juice and even though the food smells like only plane food can (have you noticed it pretty much all smells the same?) you will still eat it all just because it’s something to do.

And why is it always accompanied with a bread roll?

My one rule for plane food during a long haul flight: never order an egg based meal. Even at the best of times egg is a fickle thing, it’s so easy to get it wrong and on a plane it is almost certainly guaranteed to be disappointing and possibly vomit-inducing.

Sweet and sour prawns with fried rice

This is the first meal I had on my 13 hour flight to Singapore a couple of days ago. Singapore Airlines was named second best airplane food provider by Skyscanner, a flight comparison website (first place went to Turkish Airlines). It certainly looks better than some of the horrendous excuses for food I’ve seen in the past, but I really think there’s nothing you can do to disguise the fact that the food has been slowly warming and continually cooking for the past 5 hours and ….. I don’t understand a Chinese meal with a bread roll and cheese and crackers.

Beef and mushroom braised noodles

Noodles, of course with the obligatory roll and, because it’s breakfast, a pot of marmalade. I didn’t eat too much of this one….it was pretty dire to be honest.

On the upside I have been enjoying some very good home cooked food whilst being in Singapore and we head off to Penang tomorrow morning hopefully to feast on some of Malaysia’s best street foods.

Stay tuned!

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