Candy Coloured Birthday Macarons

What more needs to be said than candy coloured birthday macarons?

I haven’t actually made macarons for a while, which might be why my first batch were the biggest disaster I have ever seen. They were completely collapsed, the foot had oozed out into a foamy mess not unlike that of a dying slug. It wasn’t pretty. And the worst part is that I have no idea what happened.

The batter felt weirdly “tough” as I mixed it and I kind of knew at that point something was wrong, but I didn’t realised the extent of the disaster until they were in the oven. It was the stuff of macaron nightmares.

The only thing I can think was that the egg whites were too stiff…. but looking back I don’t remember it being so stiff as to cause a disastrous batch. Although I probably should, I will not be trying to replicate that batch to figure out what went wrong.

I could just sigh and resignedly weigh out my ingredients again. And luckily the rest came out much better. Not perfect….but better.

Flavours: The pink are raspberry, the green are elderflower and the orange are orange (obviously!).

The macarons were to match a 21st birthday cake with a pink riding hat, a Ted baker bag and a bottle of nail polish. Some of the macs were also personalised to spell out the birthday girl’s name.

My dad helped me out with painting the letters onto the macs as I am quite artistically challenged, and of course the beautiful cake is my mum’s handiwork. I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what Rose Apple Bakery has been up to for the past couple of days!

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