Baby Shower Macarons

A couple of Sundays ago I organised a baby shower for one of my dear friends from church. Her first child is due in August and so the ladies all brought gifts and of course I brought macarons. As she doesn’t know if the baby will be a boy or girl  I made half pink and half blue and then embellished them with some sugar flowers.
The flowers are really simple to make. I used coloured sugar paste and flower shaped cutters, with yellow royal icing in the centre of the flower and then the same royal icing to secure the flowers to the macaron shells. I also have some exciting news… I will be hosting a macaron making class at the Vanilla Workshop in Greenwich, London in September (date and time to be confirmed). The class will be taught by Chef Fabricio Cano from Fabcooking and I will be assisting. In the class we will be teaching the basics of macaron making and will also show you how to make three different fillings. There will be lots of tips and tricks for making perfect macarons, things which you won’t get from a recipe book. If you’re interested to know when the date, time and exact macaron flavours are finalised you can use the form on this page and I will let you know once the class is available for booking.

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