Toffee apples are not just for the young’ uns!

I know toffee apples are not really a summer snack, but I’m never one to say no to a toffee apple, no matter what time of year it is.

Toffee apples are for the younger ones amongst us aren’t they… I mean, at 24 I’m probably far too old to be eating them. I know this because as I was eating I was getting more and more concerned about how sticky my hands and face were getting.

As a child you don’t care about these things. You run around eating, dodging the swipes of your parents as they try to clean you up. There are bits of caramel stuck to your shirt and cheeks and there is absolutely no concern that everything you are subsequently touching will either become sticky, or become stuck to your hands.

It is true however that there comes a point where, sadly, a person no longer wants to eat toffee apples simply because it’s too much hassle. As you get older you are expected to be more mature and sophisticated (neither are words which can be used to describe toffee apples!) and the harsh reality is that an older person’s teeth are not as well equipped to deal with hard, sticky toffee with a crunchy apple underneath! I warn you know, this very same batch of toffee apples claimed the tooth of a friend of mine…
But, apart from the inevitable stickiness and the small danger of becoming toothless, it was a joy to eat and photograph these toffee apples in the glorious sunshine we have been so blessed to enjoy this week. They may not be mature or sophisticated, but they are fun and as they say…. an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

One thought on “Toffee apples are not just for the young’ uns!

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