Rose Apple Bakery has a new website!

It’s been quite a delay, but for the most part our shiny new website is up and running. It’s simple and (hopefully) easy to use, just please ignore my very obvious lack of web design skills and inability to understand all but the most simple html coding.

There’s information on all of our products including the vintage tea parties and my macarons, as well as our cupcakes and celebration cakes.

If you have Facebook and would like to support us, please “like” us on our revamped Facebook Page, where we will be posting photos and updates from the kitchen. And also, anyone who likes our page will get 10% off any order made before 30th November 2012. So please do have a look, and share with your friends too!

Alongside the direct link to the Rose Apple website you will also notice the “Ask a Question” tab. This is linked up to my new Formspring account, so ask away if you so wish!

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