Macaron Testing I [Chocolate & Coconut]: Hopefully For Sale

So I mentioned in one of my recent posts that I soon be attempting to sell my macarons as party treats and wedding favours. I have a long list of macaron flavours and colours which need to be trialed over the next couple of months, along with finding a good way of packaging them. Let the testing commence!

I decided to start by testing two flavours, raspberry and chocolate & coconut. The latter surprised me by how simple it is to make, and how full of coconut flavour it is. This one’s definitely a winner :)

These macaroons were made and packaged as a sample to the owner of a local cafe who occasionally buys celebration cakes from Rose Apple Bakery. Maybe he’ll like them enough to stock some in his cafe….

For this packaging I made a simple cardboard sleeve and then secured it inside a normal cellophane bag. I have scoured the internet high and low for macaron packaging solutions, but have come up with nothing. Can anyone out there help?

4 thoughts on “Macaron Testing I [Chocolate & Coconut]: Hopefully For Sale

  1. best of luck with that! I tried your macaroon recipe the other day and unfortunately didn’t turn out nearly as perfect as yours did. The were almost smooth though. Any suggestions as to how to improve them? Thankfully they still tasted delicious :)

    • Hi Lucy, great to hear you made macarons! What did they look like? If you give me more information about them (or maybe photos if you took any), I might be able to help your troubleshoot…though I’m no macaroni master….I couldn’t count the number of macaroni fails I’ve had haha.

      • Cheers! They’re *nearly* completely smooth, however there were a few slight ripples and a raised bit from the piping bag. Do you think I just need to practice piping more? The texture was very sticky as well which makes me think I need to experiment with my oven’s temperature settings

      • Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply! The ripples and the raised bit might be due to your batter being a bit too thick. If it’s too thick then it won’t smooth itself out after piping. The way to rectify this is the mix your batter a little longer before putting it into the piping bag. One way I use to help tell if it’s the right consistency is to leave the batter to stand for about 20-30 seconds and if it smooths out then it’s ready. The sticky texture could just mean that you need to cook them for a bit longer.

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