How to Make a Piping Bag from Baking Paper

Two weeks ago in my post on churros I was asked this question:

Evidently I never actually got round to making cupcakes last week, however I made a further attempt at perfecting my macaroons this morning, and so here is a tutorial for making a piping bag from baking paper.

I hope the instructions and photos are clear, it may be useful to make a note of the left and right corners and remember which one is which when you are constructing the piping bag.

You also need to make sure that you use baking paper and not greaseproof paper because you will need to secure the piping bag with sellotape later on, and it won’t still if you use greaseproof paper.

1. Start off with a squarish length of baking paper, the exact measurements aren’t too important.

2. Take the upper right hand corner and bend it towards the left until the right edge is parallel with the right edge. 

3. Curl the corner under. You will be able to see your piping bag taking shape. 4. Take the top left hand corner of the paper and fold it to the right, you may find it useful to carry on holding onto the right hand corner which should be curled inside the piping bag.5. Adjust the piping bag so that you are left with a tight point at one end. 6. Secure the edges with sellotape. 7. Snip off the end with a pair of scissors and drop the nozzle in. 8. You may need to trim it further to create a large enough gap. 9. Fill the piping bag and twist the end to push the filling out of the nozzle.

10. And now you’re ready to start piping!

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