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I have made cake pops before. Admittedly they were nowhere near as pretty as the ones in the photo above. But even so throughout the process I couldn’t help but think that they’re overrated. Essentially they are cake crumbs, stuck together with icing and coated in chocolate before being painstakingly decorated or shaped into different novelty figures. What you’re left with is a rather sickeningly sweet cake which has taken so much time and effort to decorate that you no longer want to eat it.

The increasing obsession with cake pops almost certainly does not come from the taste, but from the fact that they are tiny balls of cake…on sticks. Food on sticks is fun and somehow makes it instantly cuter, but I’m not convinced, especially as we see more and more “food on sticks” trends emerging. Considering my opinions on cake pops and other edible items on sticks, I read this article with interest.

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