Eat it, don’t tweet it: Do table manners still matter? | Food & Drink | The Independent

Ashamedly, this is something I am guilty of. In restaurants and at home, my phone is always either on the table, or close to hand. And yes I know, this is an awful habit. It’s so sad that these days we are all so concerned with being connected that we can’t even last one hour without checking our messages/ emails/ Twitter feed/ Facebook updates. And it’s quite alarming to realise that my phone almost NEVER gets turned off, unless it has run out of battery and even then I have this inexplicable sense of impending dread and panic.

In my defence I will only ever have my phone physically on the table if my other dining companions also do the same but I still did feel uncomfortably like I was being told off when I read this article on The Independent website the other day.

I like the idea of the phone stack game which requires all diners to place their phones in a pile on the table and the first person to crack and check their phone picks up the bill for the table. It really is shocking when I think about how much time I spend idly looking at my phone and the phone stack is an ingenious way of, if nothing else, raising awareness of how much these days our finger tips are basically grafted to our phone key pads.

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