Pancake Wednesday!

I didn’t have time procrastinated and ran out of time to make pancakes yesterday…. so I have christened today as Pancake Wednesday. On the crepes vs. American pancakes front I was outvoted and had to settle for lemon and sugar and Nutella crepes instead of blueberry and maple syrup pancakes. It was still delicious though. Unfortunately I don’t have any pancake-related anecdote or anything particularly intelligent to say about Shrove Tuesday so I shall leave you with this article from The Guardian, a collection of pancake tips and ideas, just in case there’s anyone out there who, like me, did not get to eat pancakes on Pancake Day :)

2 thoughts on “Pancake Wednesday!

  1. Those look so good! I am in the process of opening a bed and breakfast on a very historic property in Virginia. It was the birthplace of James Madison. I working on my menu so I am always on the lookout for some great ideas! Great post!

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