Vanilla Cupcakes with White Chocolate Buttercream

If you’ve read my “About” page you will know that my parents run a cake and cupcake business. They are currently in the process of researching and developing a new recipe for their vanilla cupcakes….which naturally means there is an abundance of vanilla cupcakes lying around the house. These “research and development” cakes don’t normally get iced and decorated, but since it is a friend’s birthday this weekend I whipped up some white chocolate buttercream and topped them off with some cute sprinkles.

Here’s where I’d normally like to share the recipe with you, but unfortunately the recipe isn’t mine to share so you will have to make do with these photos.

I should also take this opportunity to shamelessly plug the parents’  cakes, but their website is currently under construction. However if you are interested to know more about Rose Apple Bakery then you can visit the old website here (and I do apologise in advance for the painful lack of aesthetics and general unusability [that is a word, I promise!] of the site).

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