Found: The Best Burger in London

A few weeks ago (when I was still working at the cookery school) I was bored and hungry so I Googled “best burger in London” and happened across Daniel Young‘s blog, “Young and Foodish” which recommended the Top 10 Burgers in London. I scrolled to number one on the list, and from the photo I knew I had to eat one. Immediately.

Unfortunately I was in no position to skip across town for a burger, so instead I wiped the drool from the desk and suggested to the girls at work that we make Goodman Steak Restaurant the venue for our next monthly dinner date (required for the relieving of pent up work-related stress).

Although we were about 20mins late for our reservation at the Canary Wharf branch of Goodman (nb: location adds £1 to the cost of everything on the menu), the maitre d’ was more than accommodating and didn’t seem at all annoyed by our tardiness. We were led past racks of meat in their glass-fronted walk-in refrigerator and seated in a quiet corner of the restaurant. To the waitress’ surprise we ordered almost immediately (of course, the burger!) and waited patiently whilst we confused her with what combinations of extra cheese, bacon and gherkins/lack of gherkins, medium/medium rare/rare we wanted.

Whilst we waited for our order we were presented with a bread basket, a delicious selection of white and brown rolls, crisp on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. As we are four girls whose unspoken mantra is “the diet starts tomorrow” I would have preferred another portion of butter, but luckily for our waistlines the waitress wasn’t to know :p

Then our burgers arrived *hallelujah*:

NB: The photo on the Young and Foodish blog is much more representative of the burger than this poor attempt.

And what a burger it was. Toasted brioche bun, tomato, fresh lettuce, tangy gherkins, just the right amount of cheese and about 200g of moist, smokey beef patty.  What more could you want in a burger? I’m told the meat is seasoned with fish sauce which I assume contributes to its intense flavour and the bun was soft, fluffy and yet robust enough to maintain the structural integrity of the burger. The chunky hand-cut chips made the perfect side along with glistening dollops of mayo and ketchup.

At £14 it’s the highest price I’ve ever paid for a burger, but a price I would pay again. Great service, great ambience, great burger and great company :)

Goodman, Canary Wharf
3 South Quay, London, E14 9RU

Nearest tube: Heron Quays

4 thoughts on “Found: The Best Burger in London

  1. And what a burger that was! I will certainly take family and friends there again.
    The restaurant is heaven for those meat lover, their fillet steak looked terrific too!
    Can’t wait for our next monthly diner out!

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