Craving a bit of Chinese New Year

It’s so sad that Chinese New Year in the UK is a bit of a non-event. Aside from the usual Sunday celebrations in Chinatown, we don’t have the opportunity to go visiting family, and this year our reunion dinner has been postponed until Saturday. I miss Singapore in the run-up to Chinese New Year, old aunties queuing to buy dried mushrooms and lap cheong, the drumming of lion dance troupes in their open backed trucks rushing to their next performance and the choruses of “lo hei!” echoing from surrounding apartments.

So in an attempt not to miss out on all the CNY fun I decided to try my hand at making one of my favourite CNY snacks, cashew nut cookies, from this recipe courtesy of ‘My Kitchen Snippets’.

The dough uses a mixture of plain flour and cornflour and lots of butter. When I first started mixing it seemed as though there would be too much butter to combine well, but after a fair amount of kneading the mixture came together and was actually quite crumbly and dry, as I expected it would be.

The recipe didn’t specify the size of each cookie, but as the dough was quite dry I decided to make them small (less than 1 inch across).

I decided to apply the egg wash twice, once before putting them into the oven and again  just over halfway through cooking. I found that this gave them a much more even, golden colour.

The result was a delightfully crumbly, buttery biscuit bursting with cashew nut flavour. One thing I would wish is for the biscuit to be slightly sweeter, for next time I think I would add another 50-70g of sugar. However all in all these cookies are very close to the shop bought ones which I would always ask relatives to bring from Singapore for me. :)

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