A Hidden Gem Revealed

I really wanted fries. And a burger. And it was one of those cravings I knew wouldn’t go away until I had a truly satisfying burger and some killer fries. Luckily for me I was meeting up with some good friends of mine, one of whom is back from studying in Taiwan for the Chinese New Year holiday. He recommended a pub which he had frequented when he had lived in the area during his university days. Admittedly he had only ever been there for drinks in the evening, but seemed to remember a fairly nice menu.

So we found ourselves at Canal 125 at lunchtime on a Saturday afternoon. This spacious little pub is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of King’s Cross and serves up a range of the usual British pub fare including a nice selection of vegetarian dishes. One thing that caught my eye whilst perusing the menu is that their meat is all responsibly sourced. The beef is free-range, the fish is sustainable and the chickens are RSPCA inspected.

I had the beef burger with extra cheese whilst other dishes on the table included an aubergine and mixed veg baguette, huge bowl of frites moules and butternut squash soup with a hunk of fresh crusty bread. And of course all accompanied with a generous portion of fries.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised as I’m not usually a fan of pubs and their food. But this burger was moist and well seasoned with the perfect salad to meat ratio and sandwiched between a soft but slightly crispy at the edges sesame bun. The wonderfully golden fries were crisp on the outside yet fluffy on the inside and more than enough to satisfy my craving :)  I paid about £13 including service and I have to say I would happily pay it again.

So if you’re ever out and about in Central London and looking for a quiet and friendly place to while away the afternoon I would definitely give Canal 125 a look.

Canal 125

125 Caledonian Road, London, N1 9RG

Nearest tube: King’s Cross St. Pancras/ Caledonian Road

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